Melanie Counsell & Hugues Reip

“This publication serves as a follow-up to our collaboration that centered around ideas of duality/affinity. Though our respective works are not of a similar style, we wanted to use the platform of point d’ironie to create a dialogue about these different narratives and abstractions within the work, while mapping out the contours of this parallel universe on paper.” Melanie Counsell and Hugues Reip “On/Off was the title of an exhibition that we (Counsell + Reip), made together in 2003, at the Contemporary Art Center in Languedoc-Roussillon in Sète.

Melanie Counsell was born in 1964 in Pontypridd, Wales. She lives and works in London. Counsell works with a variety of mediums including drawing, film, and sculpture. Her installations provoke interactions between the artwork, the setting and the viewer.

Hugues Reip was born in 1964 in Cannes, France. He lives and works in Paris. Reip is a multi-disciplinary artist, incorporating elements of drawing, video, sound, photography and sculpture. Whether it is an object, image, or place, he constructs a universe full of dynamic energy and movement. On occasion Reip functions as his own curator, inviting other artists to collaborate with him on projects and to participate in his personal universe. - Carlos Cruz-Diez