Roman Signer


Roman Signer was born in 1938 in Appenzell (Switzerland). He lives and works in St. Gallen. “Signer’s works have acquired the label ‘time-sculpture’. They share traditional sculpture’s concern with the crafting of physical materials in three dimensions, but they extend that concern into what may or may not be characterised as the fourth dimension: the dimension of time. Time-sculpture investigates the transformation of materials through time, focusing the viewer’s attention on the experience of the event, the changes wrought, and the forces involved. Variously combining three-dimensional objects, live action, still photography and moving-image documentation, Signer’s time-sculptures frame episodes of the containment and release of energy − always with ingenuity, often with captivating, epigrammatic swiftness and irresistible humour.” (Rachel Withers)

Roman Signer is famous for his “explosive” performances. His proposition for this issue of point d’ironie is part of this approach: “This idea has been going round in my head for a long time, until it finally clicked. Here, in this house, will it take place.”