Gabriel Orozco

Gabriel Orozco is a Mexican artist currently dividing his time between Mexico, New York and Paris. He has an open , thoughtful, humorous approach to the tangible world, for him a playground of signs to decipher, forms to rhyme; objects to activate. He makes drawings, photographs, sculpture, ephemeral interventions, political statements..., freely exploring correspondances in every day reality: between the natural and the artificial, the acidental and the structural, the whole and the fragment , the found and the intentionally-made, the serious and the absurd.

Point d'Ironie by Gabriel Orozco: Dividing the posters into pages, then dividing the pages in two, again and again... he uses bright colors to define the sections. As each new space is generated, a new color is added, multiplying the fields of color to infinity. We can open up two papers, place them side by side in order, like a puzzle, to see the totality of fields in succession.

The paper becomes an object, an image of itself, with is precise measurements divided and unfolded.