Richard Prince

I lived in NYC for twenty-five years. When I was there I took photographs of what was inside magazines. When I moved “upstate” I took photographs of what was outside of magazines. I like to get in my truck and take a camera along and drive and get lost and run into things that I once saw inside magazines. – Richard Prince

American artist Richard Prince (born 1949) lives and works in Upstate New York. In the ‘70s, he explored the potential of advertising imagery and started rephotographing found photos and advertisements, presenting them unaltered and without comments as a form of societal critique. Prince left no piece of America unturned: movies, advertisements, cartoons and popular jokes were all grist for his irony mill. Beginning in the late ‘80s, Prince continued his photographic works and began to make paintings. One of his “Nurse paintings” was featured on the cover of Sonic Youth’s Sonic Nurse. Prince is now recognized as one of the leading artists of our time, with major exhibitions in preparation for 2007 at the Astrup Fearnley Museum for Modern Art in Oslo and at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.