Dayanita Singh

Born in 1961 in New Delhi where she lives and works, Dayanita Singh stands out as an important figure of the young generation of Indian artists. Having ventured on numerous formats and methods of distribution for her photos (books illustrations, boxes, wall calendars), Dayanita wrote a novel with images without separating photography from literature. She tells her journeys with her photos and the message speaks of these tremendous interactions between intention and fate, an interaction which is inherent, at least, to the art of photography.

Of the intimacy linked to her series of family portraits, Singh has said that: «photography was always about the other, a different class, either the maharajah class or the prostitutes. People like me were never worth of being photographed, so that’s when I started the family portraits. I thought, ‘if nothing else, at least the families will value the pictures’ ... if at the end of my life there are five hundred pictures hanging on five hundred indian homes, that’s enough».